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Let the Magic of Magical Michayla come to life in a room filled with color!  Bold black surrounded by Kaleidoscope like patterns showcased in hues of pink, blue, green, yellow, purple and orange make this collection perfect for all personalities.  This 4pc set includes:  4pc bumper, crib bed skirt, crib sheet, and a coordinating medium quilt.  4pc bumper is a combination of One Grace Place designer cotton print fabric and soft minky fabric.  Bumper is full of detail with welting in our signature turquoise blue and gorgeous ruffle trim in pink.  Bed skirt showcases Magical Michayla magic rows cotton print fabric trimmed in pink, black and turquoise fabric creating a simplistic detail to final touches on this collection.  Crib sheet accents the Magical Michayla designer print fabrics in our solid turquoise blue.  Offered in cotton fabric.  Magical Michayla coordinating quilt is like no other.  Soft minky on both sides make this the perfect blanket anytime and anywhere!  Pink on one side with detailed appliqués in Kaleidoscope patterns with turquoise blue on the opposite side.  Quilt is trimmed in black satin to make this the softest of quilts.


INCLUDES: 4 Pc Bumper, Crib Bed Skirt, Crib Sheet, Medium Quilt

Magical Michayla - Infant Set (4pc)

SKU: 10-24102

Bumper: 4 pieces: 2pc 11x50.5, 2pc 11x25.5.  Crib Skirt: 26x51x15.  Crib Sheet: 28x52x7.5.  Medium Quilt: 40x49.